Blowgun Hunting Big Game? Yes it’s happening! Check out this bear hunt.

Tim Wells with relentless pursuit kills many big game animals with his blowgun. Lots of practice and lots of patience. Of course I had to buy a cold steel blowgun and it has taken over. They are a blast for unprotected species and just Target Shooting around home when you don’t have room for guns

What to buy

Cold Steel .625 Blowgun for big game hunting

For small game you can use the standard pointed Darts they run about $14 for 50

You can also buy the razor tip which is recommended for big game.

Lots of practice and soon you will be drilling tacks out to twenty yards. You can get the entire setup for under $50 with a good amount of starter Darts. Watch out it will take over your time!

A group shot from 20 feet

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